[RS] QC PVP *Need players all welcome*

Sup everyone,

[RS] (Rust Security) is looking for new players. We offer a unique way to play Rust that suits both PVP players and newer/less aggressive players, etc.

We have very active admins working on keeping the server clean and the players happy, we actively monitor hackers, glitchers and other pests to keep the server clean, fair and fun for everyone.

Here are some highlights of what makes our server unique:

  • Rare wipes (only if we have to!) LAST WIPE: April 22th

  • Server is now hosted in Montreal, Québec

  • It is a** French and English** server, everyone is welcomed

** Will be rebuilt next week * - We have an admin-built **PVP maze *and arena complex where we spawn loot and organize PVP events with prizes, etc.

** Will be rebuilt next week * - We offer shelter to new players in a “noob hotel” which is a no-PVP, no-raiding area. Rooms include a large storage box, workbench, repair bench, furnace and campfire. These rooms are available for a little less than a week to newcomers requesting one. This lets new players build up a little bit before they are the target of raids.*

** Will resume next week * - We offer a basic starter kit for new players*

  • Airdrops are set to automatic at 40 players (max 75 players server currently)

  • Glitches are forbidden and we strictly enforce this. Bases in rocks, glitching through walls, super jumps and all that jazz is a bannable offense!

  • Excessive griefing is forbidden (ex: building a foundation in front of the only door to a base and boxing it in, replacing doorways with walls, building a base on top of another, etc).

  • Suicide bases are forbidden

  • KoSing is accepted to a certain degree, but we will not allow large roaming bands of thugs that just KoS everything. We ask our players to be nice to newbies as well, ie: full kevlars farming nudes is frowned upon.

Please come visit and talk to the admins especially if you plan on moving in with a team, once we start giving individual starter packages we might do combined packages for significant teams.

[RS] FRESH 4/22 Montreal FR/EN vanilla active+legit admins



Server is up and running, everyone welcome, bring your friends!

We changed server location yesterday to Montreal and this move came with a fresh wipe. Everyone join us for a fun and nice server!

We also have a simple Web site with rules and more info, please visit :slight_smile:


For some reason I can’t edit my post anymore, but we built the new player hotel, maze and started giving starter kits again. Server was wiped on the 22th but is still pretty fresh due to low population.

Please join for a hack free server with active and dedicated admins!

I really like your stance against cheating and the fact that you boot the entire team to discourage any of them from returning, while encouraging players to choose their friends wisely.

When my guild is ready to return, I will be pointing them your way!!

Cheers to all QC (っ◕‿◕)っ♥

Looking forward to joining your server this week. I have less than 5 hours in the game; you seem to have your stuff together, and a very impressive server page (5 hours of basically being KoS led me to look for different servers - maybe one day I’ll make it through a night alive).

A very noob question - if someone needs to interact with an admin, is it just done through in game chat?


Airdrops start today! We currently set them to automatic at 10+ players, we need more peeps! We’ll play around with the value and probably do them manually when we are actively playing on the server, we’ll see but airdrops start today!


Every 30 minutes we will automatically spawn 10 Cans of Beans in the inventory of all logged in players. The top 3 players who bring an admin the most Cans of Beans before midnight on Saturday night wins!

You need to hand the cans to participate and claim your prize. All cans provided by participants will be destroyed at the end of the challenge.


1 Full set of Kevlar + Blueprints for all 4 parts
1 4 slot M4 + Blueprint for it
125 5.56mm Ammo + Blueprint for them


1 Full set of Leather + Blueprints for all 4 parts
1 4 slot MP5 + Blueprint for it
125 9mm Ammo


1 Full set of Rad suit + Blueprints for all 4 parts
1 4 slot Shotgun + Blueprint for it
100 Shotgun shells + Blueprint for it

Visit the site for more info, we just updated it with all relevant information!

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You can do that but ultimately adding us to steam and talking to us there will be more efficient. We are often logged but out of game so we might not catch all global chat. The admin names are on the clan site and I’m online almost 24/24 so you should be able to find me in the steam playerlist easily.

Hey everyone,

Lots of news:

  • We wiped early in the morning on the 4th, come on down it’s still pretty quiet and fresh!
  • We increased the rewards for the Can of Beans challenge!
  • We added the Can of Tuna challenge: Bring 250 tuna and you get a random prize!
  • We added the Chocolate Bar challenge: Use chocolate bars as currency to buy items!
  • We now have automatic allocation of the starter kit
  • The starter kit now includes parts for a 1x1, some blueprints, etc. it’s a very nice start (once per player)
  • Airdrops are at 30+ (we’ll do them manual at 20+) and we’ll start autodrops at 10+ this weekend!
  • Durability loss is at 10%
  • Night time was reduced from 15 min to 5 min

Come on down, try it you’ll like it!

Airdrops are now at 8+ (automatic)

Please come by, it’s a nice server and we need more peeps!

Teams, contact an admin for a team welcome package!