RS2: Vietnam Models

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use the colored specular method, and [del]add the dirt and bloodmaps as skingroups/ bonemergable (for dirt maps use mulitiply, and for blood maps use overlay in photoshop)[/del] oops you did, i think

also nice the heads are somewhat low poly, but look nicer than orchestra and rs1

Would ya look at that. Nice job as usual man.

Did you use a custom compiler? I heard cra0kalos can get over both limits.

I thought Source didn’t support that. Is there a tutorial anywhere?

The blood, dirt and tattoos are done via $detail. The shirts are duplicated models layered over. I could make the details bodygroups as well, but again, the stupid vertex limit. If hardlayered all details on the skin texture for each skin variant, I would hit the texture limit immediately.

I tried SFM’s compiler, and it worked, but then refused to load soon as I added flexes.

I’ve heard of crao’s compiler, but can it get over the mat limit as well? That’s be incredibly useful, I’ll see if I can find it.

Yeah it can go over mat limits a whole lot, this has 95 VTFs(and vertex if you split them up)[/t]

As for colored specular

Import your smd, make a copy of it, and put the colored specular materials on it, and then export both the copy and the original as one SMD
for vmts and vtfs, have the diffuse vmts be like this
but in RSV2s case you have to have a small bit a phong since its colored specular nulls out cloth most of the time, so theres no phong on it.

"$basetexture" "models\kuro\TERA\Event\55\Elin/PC_Event_55_F_A_diff"
"$bumpmap" "models\kuro\TERA\Event\55\Elin/Practical_Elin_N_A"
"$phongexponenttexture" "models\Kuro\shared/green"
"$phongalbedotint" 1
"$phong" "1"
"$phongfresnelranges""[5 7 8]"

and for the colored specular vmts, just do your usual settings and stuff in there
results are worth it in most cases, what i did for RS2V was in the diffuse vmts i put
$basemapalphaphongmask 1 in it so the cloth could atleast have some phong

But wait, how would that work with bodygroups?

And plus the speculars in this game aren’t even that colored. They only have colors for the bullet belts and the shoes, and that’s it. Heck the specular maps for the main outfits are 95% pure black.

it works the same with bodygroups, just export the bodygroup the same way

also yeah i said the colored speculars null cloth out in RS2V

Aha, I see, I just missed this part: “export both the copy and the original as one SMD”. Makes sense.

Alright, we’ll try it out. Thanks for the tip!

that was much faster than I expected, well done

I’ve had these done for a while now, I was just waiting until the game actually releases to post them.

HELL YEAH! Nice Models M8 i’ll be sure to give them a download! And Great Work!

Could you split the “body” bodygroup into pants and shirt, so you could mix-match between those two? Also, could you solve transparency issues for using those in SFM? I think there is a way to use transparency without AO clipping, but I’m not sure (maybe using $alphatest instead of translucency?).

And finally: I know this is Vietnam, but their eyes look just too dead. Give them some reflections.

Apart from that, it’s really great. I like how there are multiple variations and the dirt/blood decals.




Yeah i agree with Trek, it needs a lot more customizing.

I tried to implement some fancy eye shader a guy gave me a while back but it didn’t work at all.

Not possible. I know you can give flexes to bodygroups with DMX format, but it only works in SFM.

Maybe I should just make separate Gmod and SFM versions…

yeah deffo

Alright, I tried swapping translucency with alphatest. It didn’t work. I think we need someone to devise a trick to make the AO work.

isolate the transparent part and make a copy of it both with a different name “_T” and “_A” (export both as the same vmt) and then have a one alphatest vmt and another for translucent and then put ‘$Ambientocclusion 0’ in both VMTs so SFM doesnt fuck with it

In my opinion this is a decent pack as is. Face posing and finger posing is completly fine to me.
Imo the rigging feels a bit bizarre, but i really can’t explain how.
The best step i feel you could take is to reduce the amount of ragdolls and make them with more bodygroup options.

They do look good though:

Btw, that Cavalry Stetson that you for some reason put on the Marines is a 1st Cavalry Stetson. 1st Cavalry is US Army. Please correct.