This will be the first of many Runescape areas I plan to re-create.


  • This map is a heavy WIP, the main architecture has been mapped but models and interior designs are still required.
  • The plaster textures on the second story of the buildings are temporary until Deadeye creates all of the new plaster textures.
  • Most of the objects on the map are subject to change, if you have any suggestions, ideas, or improvements please post them.


Thanks to:
Pyromanic1444 (Custom Models)
Deadeye (Custom Textures)

Oh shit, nostalga.

Looks pretty accurate from what I remember.

Mind you, I haven’t played the game in 7 years or so.

Looks nice!

Looks great, Those buildings are amazing!

Never played Runescape but it’s looking pretty good!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looks really good.

Be sure to add player clips around the river and also uhm make it like uhm uhm have a canoe system


Added a rough version of the swamps that surround Lumbridge Castle:

Perhaps when you get the RS version down, you could improve upon it? E.G. most of runescape is prettyblocky (at least, if I can remember correctly after 3-4 years).

It’s not though. Runescape is not a blocky world at all. It’s not exactly very high poly but it isn’t blocky.

You seem to have missed out all of the gorgeous architecture lumbridge has and just half assed it with boring roofs and sloppy detail that looks nothing like lumbridge.

Even my attempt doesn’t come anywhere near. To do this right you’re going to have to model the roofs because it’s just going to look silly in brushwork.

As always, I start working on my lumbrudge everytime rp_varrock gets bumped upto the first page. Maybe I’ll bother to finish it this time.

^ You’re right, the in-game roof and the ones I’ve made are not the same mainly because of the reason you’ve pointed out: “To do this right you’re going to have to model the roofs because it’s just going to look silly in brushwork.” I agree witih you on that but I have no knowledge of modeling so I’ll settle with what I can make. However, although this isn’t going to be an exact replica I still plan to make it as best I can. I’d also like to applaud the work that you’ve put into your roofs, they look awesome.

Fair enough, you’re a nice guy :slight_smile:

Oo la la.

Looking good, dude.

any progress on this map?

I’m surprised nobody has yet come in to the thread and flame the mapper or Runescape. Normally that’s what I expects when someone mention ‘Runescape.’

Good job so far on the map, perhaps alter the environment ambient lighting a bit so the shadow won’t be dark.

Also I think I still have my old WIPs of Lumbridge river and Doric’s Place somewhere on my webhost, if you’re interested I can give it to you.

This would make a great Role Play map!

I’m currently working on one main gamemode and another small gamemode, I have no time/interest in this map anymore. Maybe after I finish what I’m currently doing I’ll come back and fix this trash map up.

Add fog

There’s a decent runescape-type gmod gamemode in the works, though you’d might be interested.