[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Rs_TheLonelyRoad

[tab]Version:[/tab] V 1.5

[tab]Description:[/tab] A map for the Radiation Sandbox gamemode, complete with custom entities.

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] A good computer and Half Life 2: Episode 2

[tab]Download 1:[/tab]

The first released map for Radiation Sandbox! Any bugs please send me a PM. I will fix them as best I can but a v2 won’t come until I can play the gamemode as I crash everytime I try to load it on any map.

Credits to:
Rambo_9 for the gamemode and making/letting me use the army base and his ruins.
Me for making the map.

<Version 1.5>
-Added 2 more buildings (Thanks Rambo) and some other stuff in the wasteland.
-Expanded the Exodus base.
-Increased door speed in Exodus base.
-Noded for Radbox 1.15 and above.

Some pics are outdated, I will update them soon.

Looks okay, but it would be interessting to see a 3d skybox in it. And the wasteland arena is pretty empty.

other wise its an okay map

It’s alright, the textures get a bit repetetive though and the block of flats just sticking out of the dirt is a little weird.

I’ll just put my signature response here: Ew.

The lighting is WAY too yellow and doesn’t match the skybox, the ground texture looks really bad, and your displacements are spiky.

well, maybe you could do better then. it’s rude to criticize things that way, i bet that there are more nicer ways to tell the problems of this map

I am not a mapper, so I could in no way do better. I’m just saying what I think when I look at the images. And at least I’m being constructive.

cool first map on this mode. i’ll test it on weekend with my brother

No, he put this map here and we are entitled to tell him his pros and cons. He’s allowed to have an opinion.

Whether he can do better is irrelevant.

He’s not the one posting a mediocre map.

the map is kind of small but it has the right idea. plenty of cover to hide behind, some decent vantage points for snipers, etc.

the spawn areas are a bit close together, this map would only be decent with about 6 to 9 players. but it’s a start. better than my testmap at least.

I’ve noded it for 1.5 now but I can’t get this dammed bug in the displacements near the exodus base. I might redo that section. (Excluding the base).

needs more effort.

Agreed. He needs to increase the number of displacements. Make them less spiky. Use more than one texture for the ground. Include more structures.

good map

Changed to 1.1

-Noded for radbox 1.5 and above.
-Added npc_spawns for 1.5 and above
-Smoothed out a few displacements

In 1.5 I will try my absolute best to fix the bug near the exodus base, adding more stuff to find in the wasteland (Like the water tower, train cart ect, y’now more of them) and I will be expanding the exodus base.

**Found a load of bugs in 1.1, removing that for now.

Released 1.5!

-Added 2 more buildings (Thanks Rambo) and some other stuff in the wasteland.
-Expanded the Exodus base.
-Increased door speed in Exodus base.
-Noded for Radbox 1.15 and above.