RSA troops holding off a PLO patrol advancing on their last resort fortification

ok so i got a little creative and used the WaW Russians as Resistance members… I had to bring bill back :v: and that blue jumpsuit guy that resistance member is carrying is a resistance spy that radio’d bill of the advancing PLO forces, and about their patrol heading their way.

the beginning is has only happened people also RSA stands for Red Star Alliance and PLO stands for Peoples Liberation Order

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oh and that floating gun is a emplaced MG… just cant see the mount from the angle

  1. Bill looks out of place.
  2. The man who was on the mounted gun looks like he is flying backwards.
  3. The PLO troop who is dead on the sandbags looks…silly.

But, The posing on the RSA Rifleman looks great, almost perfect.

thanks man

Artistic. also where did you get the russian models?

a friend gave them to me from bloocobalt

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id upload them but i dont know whos in charge of the models and if the porter is even wanting them released. people say halfdead is in charge, people say bloo is in charge, i dont know

of all the weapons you could have used, why did you pick arguably the most horribly-made of any recent noteworthy game?

i picked them because they matched the style i was going for

in his defense they’re pretty much the only ragtag weapon models around that aren’t absolutely terrible

i made a picture using them and it fit the bill quite nicely as opposed to the ten trillion M4 and AK47s.

We really do need more ragtag like weapons, I’m tired of seeing the nice looking guns in post-apoc pictures, in a post-apocalyptic situation if you had a gun or a rifle it would most likely be a dinged up old hunting rifle.

in fallout i just wear my trader clothing with all the pots and pans on it, and have my 9mm and a Hunting Rifle.

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also cool picture dude.

well shit brosephine, there are a fair few out which suit, they’re just hard to find amidst the sea of fagged-out ‘tactical’ m4s and shit. failing that, photoshop could probably produce a better-looking zipgun than the fo3 models could anyway.

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yeah but new vegas is actually a good game, 3 is not

Super-duper hi-tech soldiers vs ushanka’s, WW2 ammunition and resting Bill?
Lol,they have no chance.

um, ushankas are fighting? its not ww2 ammunition, i dont think .308 rounds were just used in ww2, and i wouldnt get up while being shot at behind cover when the MG operator has been shot down. ofcourse they have no chance, theyre resistance… theyre fighting for their cause they dont need fagged out tactic00l m4’s and ak’s like rossmum said

.308 is a commercial hunting round similar (NOT THE SAME AS DESPITE WHAT FUDDS WILL TELL YOU) to 7.62x51 nato, the pressures are different and the cases are built to different strengths as well. 7.62x51 was adopted postwar, during ww2 .30-06 (7.62x63) was used.