Yes, that is right. A RED screen of death.

Now, this is what happens…

On my new graphics card, I will start Garry’s Mod, and sometimes my screen will look weird, and then turn all red, causing a crash.
So far this has only happened on Garry’s Mod, and in fact only triggered by one server.

Anyway, if anyone knows of my problem, please tell me as I just want to know wtf is going on down there.

Update your drivers.

I didn’t ask for help, I asked for an explanation. Big difference.

well actually he gave you an explanation, in a way, saying “update your drivers” wich actually means that your drivers are outdated.

Hmm, explain ‘why’ my card does this?

Your drivers are outdated.

That is exactly what i was saying.
your graphics card has outdated drivers and maybe the old drivers do not support the garry’s mod latest version. That’s why.

But he said it’s only caused on one server.
The only explenation i can think of is, there’s something wrong with that one server.

It could be some addon on that server that crashes the graphics card.

It is strange.