RSV Exile (A ship and a wall of text about it)

Sling some criticism on the ship in my general direction would you?

TL:DR version

A kickass ship.

Real long “when will it fucking end?!!!” version:

The ELM Olympus Mons is an ELM Alliance DSF2 class frigate. A prototype frigate, co-developed by the ELM Alliance and the Silician Union with economic sponsorship of the privately owned Earth based company Factura Genesis. She was developed and highly optimized for solo reconnaissance missions using state-of-the-art technology such as an experimental zero mass generating drive core and Scandium strengthened kinetic shields. The Olympus Mons is the first frigate to have had such a large ZMG core fitted. This is due to the fact that the immense radiation emitted from the Terbium utilized in the core, could previously only be contained using large pockets of redidium. The size of the pockets required could only be fitted on Cruisers or destroyers. However, combining scandium sinks with compacted redidium elutors, the problem has been overcome, though at an almost unbearable cost.

Commissioned in 2134 she was initially captined by Arageus Shoel, a silician, but she was put under the command of the human captain James Mason when Shoel was killed during a mission in the Neosus Verge. Participating in various missions and secret operations the Olympus Mons is a valuable asset to the ELM Alliance. She served a crucial part in the battle of Bedhian where she destroyed two Bedhian cruisers, despite being vastly outsized and outgunned.

The Olypus Mons is named after the tallest mountain in the Sol system, a volcano on Mars, formed during the Amazon epoch.

The Olympus Mons is constructed with twodecks: The upper command deck with a 270 degree line of sight through specially reinforced redidium windows. Everything apart from the ships offensive systems is controlled from the upper command deck. Utilizing Silician CMD monitors the crew can keep track of the ship from their stations. The helmsman steers the ship from behind the engine stations.

The second deck is the engineering and storage deck, where the ZMG drive core is located along with the lower command deck. The engine personnel keep track of the ZMG core from two small stations located beside the stairs leading down to the level. The ships offensive systems are controlled by a crewman located on the lower command deck. This level of the ship also holds the airlock.

That said, I’m a man of few words.

You have made a ship that many people will be inspired from. Everything is smooth, the interior, the exterior, the back story. You have spent time on this and it is well shown. I don’t have phrases such as “good job” or “bad ass” because they would compare. I am going to simple say.


you can say that, i will say :krad:

nvm :krad: doesn’t work anymore :[ so i’ll say badass

Agreeing with ^

I like your innovating idea with a tilted roof that can deflect incoming projectiles. And a big plus for the wall of text there.

Smooooooooooooooooooooooth… Agreeing Iosekki.

Great Job. Saw this on Viscous’s thread, love IT!

Oh god, what is it made of? SO SMOOTH…
(that’s what she said ffff)

Phx spheres and tubes i guess.

It’s pretty darn cool.

dont forget the very good use of SB by the looks of it

and that is one great ship :smiley:

Nice ship you got there

I already said in the wip thread how yes this is.
But I can’t get over how small it looks for such a big explanation.
And the interior looks futuristic control tower/office building/pirate ship :3
regardless I :fappery: to it. It’s a smooth badass she-ship, what can I say

Looks like a Covanent cruiser designed by Bungie. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In America (Top Gear quote ftw):
Making things bigger means better.

Everywhere else:
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Are you american?

No, I hate SB and I don’t use it. This s the first time I’ve used Phx for anything. I’m used to using vanilla.

The way the guns are mounted reminds me of freelancer lol… I like the exterior quite a bit, but the interior decorations really don’t fit.

Combine-Pirate ship-Portal-Office-Hangar-Crane interior sucks, exterior is the best :v:

fair enough then. and again it looks great :smiley:

how long did it take you to build it (gameplay time)?

Tell that to Bently, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Austin Martin, Land Rover, etc.


THIS! Is the best ship EVA!