RT Camera error!

I was playing gmod and the right-click function for the rt camera isn’t working.
I even reinstalled gmod and the error STILL occurs.

What is the error?

Error: entities\gmod_rtcameraprop\shared.lua:49: attempt to index field ‘TrackEnt’ (a nil value)

no help?

I am also getting this
Garry fucked up the game AGAIN

I’ve had this problem like five months, never solved it. Reinstalled doesn’t seem to help.

(unless you had enough to update)

no help???

no help.

damn it.

I’ve had this for ages.

I have the same problem, any fix?

Sorry but he doesn’t have to do whatever you say, it’s been like that for ages, get over it.

screw it, new laptop so it works perfectly now.
oh and for those with the problem, did you have hat maker? (or something?)