RT camera problems

Finnally a good post withoout anything to do with starship troopers. Now, I must say that Gmod is basically begging for me to make movies on it. And not s***y ones too, but good, at least 30 minute long films that require effort and will have effort. But none of it works without a working camera. I need to operate behind the scenes people, just like a real director or producer. But I can’t do that if my freakin’ RT camera tool is busted! Heres the problem, I can do everything, spawn cameras, chose buttons and settings, but not view cameras. If I press the button that views the camera, nothing happens. Just life in gmod goes on as usual, regular hud, everything else works fine, but I can’t view the camera. And I pray to god the solution isn’t completely stupid, because then I’ll feel like a total minge. So does anyone know whats going on?

Edit: Sirously people, I need some help on this!!!