RT Camera/Screenspace Resolution

I’m working on a mapping project atm that requires a monitor/model to have a much higher resolution that the normal point_camera or rt_camera will allow.

Is there a way to force gmod to use a higher resolution when displaying a rt_camera output on a rt_monitor/func_monitor? (using lua or any other way without changing the base code)

I’m looking for the same resolution you get with the “screenspace” material/function
To my knowledge you cant have a rt_camera output to a model using the “screenspace” texture.

I’ve tried to alter the rendertocamera texture and the various monitor textures but this seems to require a change in gmods base code to allow for higher res monitors.

I have found this but this only works in custom mods http://www.mail-archive.com/hlcoders@list.valvesoftware.com/msg23365.html

If anybody has a idea please tell:)


Bumping this. Could really do with some suggestions, I’m thinking of doing a large Mass Effect or Stargate mod/map and need this for a special part of the concept.