RTB-Elite Combine (Or something like that)

Hi there.

I was checking Garrymod.org like I usually do when I came across this download : http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=93970, which had a Combine model named “RTB-Elite Combine”, which looks pretty rad, but appearently the person didnt packed the right files so the model doesnt show up ingame.

I’m just wondering if any of you knew where did he got this model(Maybe he made it himself dunno), and maybe if you have a different link for it (I would love to get it, it looks really cool).

Pics of the model:



I second this. This looks really cool, I wonder how it was supposed to react with out any eye sight or anything to see with.

The first picture is from svencoop 2, second one is the image that’s used by the combine elite in modelviewer when browsing for models.

The one by valve doesn’t exist anymore, most likely, and he probably just made a bunch of files and named them to get a ton of downloads or something, but if someone made this for real it would be awesome, i support this as well.

The model was being re built for Sven Co-op 2. Maybe he got a leak of it, it does look alot like their version.

Sven-Coop 2? Wow, that sounds nice.
Maybe you can link me to the pictures of their model and maybe their MOD page?

And I’m still open to links to the model if someone else got it or something, info is appreciated as well.

Thanks for the current info.


I founded their page, the MOD seems to be dead and there are no downloads for it, so my guess is that from the original creators we are never getting it, so our(The people are gently supporting my thread) only hope is that someone got the leak of said model or that the dude that made the Gmod.org download fixs his upload.