RTB Style Combine skins/models

Okay, so I realize that this has already been done by The_Funktasm, but seeing as he’s banned and his uploads no longer exist, I am requesting these to be made again or merely brought back.

I wish for someone to make models/skins (all npcs and all hexed) of each of the variations of the Raising the Bar Combine concepts.That the masks and everything resemble the ones in the pictures. That said, can anyone help me on this. And, two more topics, one mine, one another person’s. I would like people to help with those as well.

Sonic Fan’s request: http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?t=629979
My other request: http://forums.facepunchstudios.com/showthread.php?p=12065044#post12065044

Thank you.

The first pic is the one I really want and i’ve already made a thread about it.

Learn how to search.

Half-Life 2 Beta Playermodels:

46 Playermodels

Cremator(fixed animations)
Combine Assassin (reskin)
E3 Alyx
RTB Elaine
E3 Combine Soldier
E3 Civil Protection.
E3 Citizen
E3 Zombie
E3 Shotgunner
RTB Combine Fodder
RTB Combine Infantry
RTB Combine Opad
RTB Combine Pilot
RTB Combine Ranger
RTB Combine Swamp
RTB Combine Urban1
RTB Combine Urban2
Elite Metrocop
Combine soldier trenchcoat
E3 Refugee
E3 Rebel
E3 Medic
Kraken Base Mossman (Ep.1)
E3 Shotgunner 2
E3 Combine Prisongaurd
RTB Civil Protection
RTB Combine Prisongaurd
E3 Eli
E3 Grigori
RTB Breen (Consul)
E3 Gasmask Citizen
E3 Cohrt
E3 Animal
E3 Barney
RTB Sniper
Captain Vance
E3 Gman

Karrus = E3 Alyx Skin (remapped for retail Alyx by me)
thespectator = Assassin Model (reskinned with beta materials by me)
The_Funktasm = Raising the Bar Combine reskins
Missing Information team/VALVe = Leak materials.
Butthurter = RTB Elaine skin
Snood_1990 = RTB Civil Protection
Me = Skinning/Animating

HL2 Leak
Combine Overwiki
Missing Information

Some of the models in the pack might be from the HL2 leak, but most of them are just hexed retail models.
Materials might be from the HL2 leak, but they were remapped to fit the retail models.


Yes, it comes with NPCs.


I gave both of you clocks

can i have a link to that?