rtr_mech_mk16 - Walking Fortress

Props go out to Lazermaniac for the cannon and video, and to John Ralph Kraus for the combined effort and construction of the thing.

This was a joint effort between myself, lazermaniac, and john ralph kraus. It’s a large walking fortress with an interior. It’s slow enough to allow for people to walk around while it is in motion, and has four floors.


Video of the four-man walker attacking a fishing village:

hahahahaha this’ dah shit! I love the details in the interior. Its p. fucking nice.

OT: I was actually making something like this a couple of weeks ago, but it failed.

Badass, how long did it take?

5 hours or so.

Very cool, btw, this is NOT Someguynamedpie. LF Dup

Thats awesome, very original and it looks great! The only thing i don’t like is that it has guns and assaults stuff. It would have been perfect if it was walking peacefully in a nice environment with some people having a cup of tea inside.

I can smell the lag.


Seems really steampunkish.

I totally agree. However, it was a 2 to 1 vote to have guns on it.

holy shit, extremely badass :D!

Now THATS a walking castle/fortress.
I still think it looks more like a castle :stuck_out_tongue:

OKay. I have spent the last 10 minutes trying to think of words to describe this. But I cannot come up with anything strong enough to express my amazement. I mean, seriously. I simply could not make something like this.
But I have one request. That you make a new video where it attacks a town that is prepared for it. In this one I was really hoping for some sort of turret to come up out of one of the burned houses and start blasting chunks out of it. But in the new movie, I dunno. Tanks?
Oh! I have an idea! how about some planes kamikaze into it full of explosives. You could have this EPIC scene where the plane is barreling down and you would be like “FIRE EVERYTHING!” But then the plane would crash anyways and maybe a fifth of the walker would just be blown out. Then in the final minutes of the battle, the besieged citizens of the town would be able to cripple it by taking out two of its legs. Then in a final sacrifice, it throws itself upon the town, crushing both the last of the opposition and itself.

Yeah that was a bit long. Anyways, I have a question. Does it use your walking chip? I don’t know because I have not ever used it myself, so I do not know what it looks like in motion.

But seriously, could you try to make another movie?

I… guess?

Yeah, it uses a 4-legged walking chip I have. It basically takes the idea that the original had, and adds more legs.

I’ve always wanted to build a good walker but I’ve always failed :[

cool. But yeah, I did go a little overboard with the movie idea. You know what this reminds me of?

Yeah, the Sal Kari super weapon from ChromeHounds. I never got to fight the thing :C But with the movie all I really wanted to see was this amazing piece of machinery you built get ripped to shreds a little, not just rip other things to shreds. For example: It attacks a fishing town, only to realize that the town is a military base :S So then the base starts fighting back with high powered laser cannons, ripping chunks out of the mech, only to have it rain hell upon them. Then in the epic struggle, the mech prevails but there is not more left than a skeleton.

Also, it needs some sort of secret weapon on it. Like a shoop da whoop gun or something. Maybe the missiles from the above video. I dunno, I just want to see it in a real battle, not just a couple RPGs thrown at it.

Now that’s badass.
I liked the moment of the vid around 4:10 when the legs were almost fully submerged, someone would go and say “Ohhh, nice water castle”, you’d be like “ORLY?” and get it out of water.

Jesus titty nipples, holy shit! That thing is incredibly kickass. :buddy:


Reminds me of the movie Hal’s Moving Castle.

That thing is glorious… I love moving contraptions with interiors, steampunk things, walkers and howls moving castle, this combines them all! Suddenly all my contraptions seem awful.

Finally, something new and original from the walking chip! Now, make a spider.