RTS "Baracks" idea

I’m new to Facepunch and most likely lack common knowledge. Hopefully I won’t demonstrate that in this particular thread. However,

I’ve always dreamed of a very custom RTS FPS hybrid, and I believe I have found a concept important to that dream.

Using a pre-existing NPC spawner tool, you use resources, so that spawning one NPC will require those resources. Without those resources, you can not spawn new NPC’s. Thus you’d have an RTS “Barracks” that produces infantry.

(ie you spend 50 in game bucks and a headcrab is spawned)

This may either be rather simple or extremely difficult, but I lack any experience in coding and thus am putting the idea up here to see.

What do you guys think?

This belongs here.


Thank you. Is there a way I can delete or move this thread?

No, but a mod can lock it.

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