Rts mod help/Request

Hey, i have this Idea to a Gamemod that i rly whana try, Its somthing like this Blackops made:

Im not rly a lua coder… but im getting better and trying, since Blackops dosent release his, chould someone make me a simpel gamemod that is somthing like his? Ill use it to study and Ofc to have fun with :smiley: <- main purpose

The mod only needs The drag and select npcs, spawn npcs and a top view and mabye the name of them, and a Red circle so i can see where they are, when they are selected , i know that its alot, to the Tdgame mod?

I Think this chould get nice, and with a good coder to help me (i have ALOT of ideas :P, can maks maps and Custom textures) but all that only if, someone whould help me make it :slight_smile:
Thanks for reading


The reason I didn’t release it and stopped working on it is because it doesn’t work properly in multiplayer. Got bored of it, didn’t feel like fixing it, abandoned it.

Hmmm, well :slight_smile: i like playing singelplay, chould u pm it to me? or just send link?

EDIT: Well since he havent responted i still need somone to help me :slight_smile:

Oh no, another Noodle Man.

Look, nobody is going to help you unless you can spell right, change your avatar, and/or give something to help with the mod. “Creative direction” doesn’t count.

It’s harsh, but it’s the truth.

I tried to do an RTS gamemode once, and it’s EPICLY HARD. The only practical solution is to use SNPCs and creative hacking, and those things just aren’t for newbs like me. Especially the SNPCs.

Ok. ill try again. I just whant to say sorry for my spelling before i begin.
But if some one help me making this, ill pay u 10$ and/or make a website in Joomla/drupal Cms it will be a free host, but i can make it look good. Hope that chould get some ppl going :slight_smile:

I doubt anyone will make an RTS for $10.

Unless that is per hour.

I’m re-making my RTS (ARTS). I just started up on it today. I’m making it with SNPC’s, and Factions (Rebellion, Combine, and Zombie). I’ll show some media later on in the week, when I have time.

Sound greate, are u Planing to release it?


Nice, cant wait :slight_smile:

ARTS was a very good gamemode, I don’t see much of it these days, well, guess it is time to go back to my fun memories… ahh… good times.

I’d like to see ARTs redone.

It’s a good gamemode, but it is not SP, you need atleast two people to play it.

Look forward to PowntStudios RTS, it should be released within the next month.

Ok i will :slight_smile: can u pm me when u realease it?

Sure. :smiley: