Rubber Chicken Crowbar Replacement?

I think this would probably be the funniest crowbar replacement ever conceived on this planet. I don’t care what it looks like but as long as it makes funny squeaking noises when you hit something with it and it jiggles around when you swing it.

Well, they made a “floppy dildo” model for TF2. Jiggleboned so when you swing and hit it jiggles around. so I think that it’s entirely possible to make a rubber chicken crowbar replacement.

Speaking of chicken. Luigimario is making a “Chicken’s Ass” hat, and a Chicken Hat. Also with Jigglebones, so he’d be the best person to ask, I would think.

I’ve known about the chicken’s ass hat for a while, the floppy dildo is gross, and when I was making this thread, I thought to myself that someone will mention a floppy dildo or penis related object.