rubberbanding and lagging

do people here also the same problem when they are playing and they see another person and get close to them they or u start lagging so much?
i even got killed because 2 players came close 2 me and i freezed for like the full 5 seconds

FPS or intarwebz lag?
Like, is everything stuttering?
Or is everyone stuck in a walking animation then they teleport a few meters

If you know a method to fix both can you please write it here ? I have the 2nd one on 80% of the servers even though I have 100mbps , the only host on which i can play without lag is daemon host from france not the uk server and I’m not sure why and the German ones are the worst ( same happens for some friends from SWE and they also have good connections) we never have any problems with any other game .
p.s: Pings when we join are like 50 and they dont go up or something but we simply see almost every player if not all teleporting . walks 10m then he freezes and tps 10 more meters.

If everyone freezes and teleport, you have intarwebz issues. Try getting a better ISP or something
If it’s Fps issues, get a better computer, or turn down graphics and turn off grass

Or it could be the server/servers you are on…

I played with a few friends 4 of which are in different towns/states across the country…

And I myself have a 16/mbs connection… and still got the rubberbanding like a mofo.

Hopefully the game will iron this out in the future.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with my ISP . Every game I play except rust is lagfree . 50 ping even less on some srvs from EU . and I can even play on USA srvs without any problem but in rust except for the daemon host france srv the others lag . I have 100mbps (not sharing with anyone else:D) and I even have 1gbps available to buy but a friend bought the 1gbps and it doesn’t do anything in rust’s case …