Rubi Malone

Come on? Am i the only one who wanted this (Yes, most likely)
Rubi Malone from the Game WET:

Sorry, but there isn’t any pictures i could find from the sides or behind.

Come on guys? I’ve had SO many requests turned down. Please can i have just this one?

oh shit rubi, i’d love to see ragdoll of her and models of her guns and sword

wet was a fun game

She is hot. I want her so bad…

love this game totally agree with this but what formats is WET on also what engine does it use

The wiki says gaia - so not an engine I’ve heard off.
Also it’s on the ps3 and x360 so that kinda leads to model grabbing problems.

well then … we are stuffed :L

We could use the Alyx model or something? Come on. Atleast more than one of us want it.

well the main fact is it will take CRAP LOADSA texture work and we would have to make all different models holsters an everything

Left 4 dead, the characters have holsters. Just take it off them. And it’s more than me wanting it like i said. So i suppose i could get a tutorial on modelling and help out, even though it’s my request… :rolleyes:

i can help out but im shite at modeling but always happy to try but on left 4 dead the holsters dont wrap around peoples legs but a model i have does :smiley:

Use punctuation.
Really, it makes it much easier to read.
You didn’t use one full stop in that “sentence” you made.

wow punctuation, i can say that really quickly without breath so i type it how i will say it

Sorry, but PLEASE. God use punctuation.

:frowning: punctuation, i hate it soo much

inb4 people doing sexposes

agreed sex poses are fails an sad must beat them from ruining more models