Rubled (one more editor for rust?)

Available on steam.


Seems to be easier to place stuff with this than by using fortify!
Not saying fortify is bad but it needs some work.
I like! Keep it up! :wink:

It’s interesting.

I’m trying to find free time and keeping work on it:

I hope that used facepunch’s icons don’t bother facepunch, if it bothers facepunch, I will delete them :slight_smile:

Very nice, keep it up man.

That’s great, looking forward for release.

Instead of just saying “Cool! Keep up the good work” how about i ask this instead…

How can us (The Facepunch community) help make things easier for you so that you can work on this more? :smiley:

Ideas, concepts, critics. The last is most valuable for now, because in future changing of something will be much more difficult than now.
P.S. I know you may think “Interface sucks, but he will change it in future…” But if I don’t? :slight_smile: So say what you don’t like, I appreciate your opinion, because firstly its creating for rusters.
Ideas not bad too, wanna see pony in editor? Wtf? OK. I will write it to TODO list, just say.
Another problem that is hitting me, that I’m programmer, not designer, so help of designers would be very handy. So, if you are a programmer (yes its creating in unity, again), designer, tester and you want to join team, pm me in skype:

Wall, pillar, floor:

“This is best thing!”- TF2 Heavy
Serious - you must finish this project, programm for Rust where you can create plan of big house/citadel/castle and do it real on something server without error.

If you want, l can donate you some Steam Trading Cards. For it l need a Trade Offer Link or Friends Invite.
Link to my Steam Profile.

EDIT: I can donate cards after 26 August (Most Part) and 27 August (All what l want). #WeekBlockOfSteamMarket.

It is really cool, the one thing these programs are really lacking though is the ability to turn on stability checks.

It sucks that the stability is so messed up in Rust though eg stability changing at random or not updating properly with structural changes. I’m hoping they eventually make it a bit more consistent because it’s a bit limiting right now, as in things that you would think should be possible and would be IRL simply aren’t because of the weird way it works.

Would be nice if we had a decent detailing of how it worked from a dev even if its messed up, at least it would mean we can plan bases in something like this while taking into account our stability.

What are the different colors?

Grey is stone, brown is wood, dark brown is armor…

Left to right:

Armor - metal - stone - twig - wood?


Yes, report would be very helpful, adding it by educated guess would be very funny and ineffective.

Hmm… Maybe it’s a good idea to create some symbolic price for editor in order to keep it alive in future? What do community and facepunch think about it?

Hey PVD, I’d suggest giving at least some people access to it as it is now, so that they can help you figure stuff out by actually using it. Both Fortify and Rust Building Planner have done this and they have made their communities happy as they get both early access and the ability to pitch in. It’s your choice but that’s how other programs like this have suceeded. Looks like your doing a great job keep it up!

Oooh I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  • I’m a software tester!! hint hint.

maby make the metal looks allite more the metal tier in rust. for me it looks like stone just alit bit browner

Here it changed a little bit:
Acceptable or not?

Maybe the sheet metal should be like a brick red color like in the game?

The twig was throwing me off because it’s green and doesn’t have a “twig” texture.

Ahah, yes.

I’ll try to do something with it…