Rudder tool?

Hey, Me and a friend were trying to find some sort of rudder tool or something because it would make boats just that much more realistic. So far we have made boats with paddles on either side and we have one go forward while one goes back to steer. We’ve tried making a regular rudder, it doesnt even turn the boat. We also had a thruster on a wheel kinda like pods on big cruise ships. And finally, we made a traditional rudder with a thruster on the end. None are all that effective and they consume time, is there an easier and faster way to make a turning mechanism on a boat BESIDES have alternating thrusters on the 4 corners? :tinfoil:

You could try using the fin tool. Pretty sure it works underwater too.

The fin tool does work under water,

Yes, fin does what I’m guessing your trying to do. I built a speed boat that moved left to right using only the rudder.