Rude Ghost: A French Ghost

You come across alot of assholes in life, and in the afterlife, you may come across another asshole too…
he is infamous… he is… the rude ghost.

Was pretty good, though I’m wondering why the rebel ghost was so quiet and the guy who suicided was a tad too loud.

Speak louder then.

It’s not a problem on my end. It’s on yours.

**Edit: **Realised I had youtube volume low :v:

teddi… facepalm

The voice acting was low on your part. All you had to do is right click the audio track, hit “Apply non-real-time-event-FX” and select the Volume option. Increase the volume, then select ok. Or you can even select the “dynamics” option and increase that.

Work on your masking.

All the masking problems were due to sony vegas errors.


also ive concluded it was frenchy who was too loud, but i didn’t notice a audio problem during edit, so my ears fail me once more

Needs more facial animation

why not use green screen for the characters?

Why always suicide?

lol. I asked that the last time. :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s because being french sucks

so i always suicide



Thats the joke, because you little 14 year olds like to bitch about suicide.


The rebel was really quiet, especially when compared with the frenchman.
The camerawork in the beginning was quite good, but when it got to the window, it looked really odd, it’d be better if you hadn’t greenscreened it or whatever you’d done for the window.

I think the mask transition looks odd, buts it is better then a generic fade out, fade in, or just start a new frame.

lol. What’s that video he’s watching? That completely surprised me, I had no idea that was going to be in there. I was just casually watching videos on here, funny to see my video, though. But about the video, 720p is always nice to have. Camera panning was alright, gave it a movie feeling. The lighting was a bit bright but it gave it a sort of mysterious feeling with the music. I personally would have shown him hold the gun to his head. The fade in was a nice transition when it showed him on the couch. I didn’t understand it but I admire it for the work you put into it. It had green screening and lighting and proper camera movements. Definately a more quality based video than a lot of them. It didn’t have anything cheap in it so I can’t really complain. I enjoyed how you made him pop up after he died. The window scene tansition was alright, definately a unique transition compared to a lot of GMOD movies. I don’t like the theme but it was made alright.

It was originally going to be fumples (be more funny if it was).

New Avitar. Who is Fumples? Also who is the french ghost played by?


Because I’m French