Rude Reflections

Version without the text:

Comments are appreciated ladies and gentlemen!

I’m coming out of the city for a few days, so it looks like this picture is my last creation in the year. I want to thank you for your comments and criticism during 2011 and wish you all have very nice New Year. Cheers folks!

Looks pretty good. Major difference from its original. Reflections on the faces look real too.

That’s some neat photoshoping you did there with Jack’s face. Where did you get the photo for it?

That was damn pain in the ass. Had to find Jack’s CG trailer, choose suitable frame and then put it at the picture and make it fit.

Here it is:

This is sweeeeeet. I really like this. I also like Riddick and, Jack.
And the way this is made, it’s awesome.
Me gusta.

Awesome! looks really really good mate!

I always figured Jack was a reference to the character from Pitch Black.

Riddick looks horribly underweight

Nice job! looks awsome love it! Riddick rules :v: