Ruffians face off with law enforcers

It’s badly executed imo. C&C and whatnot.

The left half of the pic would be neat as fuck if the fire effect was better.

How would you suggest I improve this effect?

Well, for starters, that exact flame has been used so many times in so many pictures. Go to CG Textures and look for a better one there. When you add it to the pic, make sure it blends in with the environment, and I’m not talking about making it fade into the ground like it currently does. Make it look like there’s actually something there, on the ground, that’s on fire, or that it’s the ground that’s burning, not a piece of air.

And seeing as there’s some heavy motion blur in other parts of the pic, I’d suggest you add some to the fire too. Hope this helps.

the fire isn’t the most off-putting thing about this pic but the really really strong motion-blur that doesn’t blend into the picture very well

i get what you were trying to do by thinking of which body parts would be moving the most and blurring those but, because you haven’t blurred the main bodies of the subjects, it looks like the guy on the left is stood dead still, balancing on one leg, and waving his right arm and leg around

Yes it is :v:

I can agree. How would you suggest I blur to make it look more natural?

Guy on right looks like this guy

Fuck the police