"Ruggy Tool"

Hi. Any possiblity to have DoDS carpets as tool in Gmod? I written in this forum it’s probably can be used in Paint Stool. But must be converted or something.
These carpets:








I’m pretty sure you can just place them as a decal.

Ok. I will try. Thanks for the answer, but how? Tell me everything you can, coz I’m noob in that lua cases.

There are even some HL2 carpets that would work. What I think you’d need to do is find the name of the decal texture and try to add it to the paint tool list. I dunno how to do it myself, though.

I didn’t make it. I tried a lot of times, but didn’t make it. I need some help. Can any Lua King, do this for me? Please.


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Tell me what should I do to make the tool. I will try to make it.