Rugrats Player Models

Well I was making a custom rugrats game-mode for gmod and I decided just to release the models I rigged for it. I suck at rigging and doing the texturing stuff so its not the best, but HERE FREEE STUFF.

The gamemode I had I ended up sorta giving up on since it was just some modified deathrun that had a custom Rugrats hud, Lives, cookie points, taunts, and special abilities cards.

If I remember correctly the abilities worked like this:
Tommy - Less damage
Angelica - More Damage
Kimi - More HP
Phil - Jump higher
Lil - Double Jump
Chuckie - Run faster
Susie - Gliding

You gained abilities by getting cards with different ratings. SO if you got a platinum card it would be more effective than a bronze card. ID: 40% less damage vs 10% less damage

I tried to base the abilities off of the characters personalities which is why Chuckie ends up being the ability to run faster.

Pictures:[/t] [t][/t]

If you guys want me to bring it back I will just post below.

Download link:

Is their hull size automatically set with them being smaller?

Nope but Thank you for telling me about that. I was wondering what I could do to fix the size. Do you know the command to visually see the hull on players?

You can use this to visualise it: