RUIN NATION New Noob friendly server with active and friendly admins!

Hey everyone, Me and a few friends have decided to run a rust server after experiencing a less the favourable welcome to rust via some serious admin abuse!
We are aiming to make our server noob friendly, but experienced players are of course also welcome! Admins will be online for most of the day and night. Hackers will be banned instantly.
PVP is on, KOS is up to the player but we are trying to encourage a friendly atmosphere so say hi before u shoot! perhaps you will make friends! Also being a complete dick hole to fresh spawns is frowned upon.
So if you are looking for a server with friendly admins with 0 admin abuse ours is the one for you!
Right now the server has around 5 to 6 regular players, so you will be able to come in and put up your base untroubled to get ready for when the server becomes more populated!

Sleepers are active, supply drops enabled for when the server hits + 10 players. Item spawns will be adjusted to suit what our players desire from our server. So please give us feedback for what you want from your rust experience!

You can either talk to us inworld or email us at
Server location [US CENTRAL]
Our server name is Rust ++ Ruin nation. To find our server simply open the ingame console by pressing f1 and type net.connect

We are looking forward to seeing you in game!

How hard is it to look for “Rust Servers”

^^ if other server owners (like myself) have to, so do you!

Sorry my first time on the website i didn’t notice :slight_smile: