Ruining the Moment (Hyperdimension Neptunia comic)

So I still tinker with Gmod every now and then when I have time, but I have gotten rather lazy with publishing stuff. Since my latest creation is this Neptunia stuff, I’m gonna put all anime related things here.

So this started long ago by having watched this Unskippable video: (check out part 2 as well, it’s funny)

I thought the concept sounded funny, so around the same time as all this Neptunia content was released for Gmod I had ordered the game, so I made this before having played it.

The idea sort of being that this random women is being attacked by a hundred cuteness demons, I thought the ones in the back there where the viliains of the game. The lighting isn’t the best, nor the picture quality, but don’t get me started on how annoying it is to load up a set with this many characters in the current version of Gmod.

Then I made this after having played the game, as I felt the game was a few hugs too short.

This being one of the first JRPG’s I have played, I feel like I understand the genre a little better now as the fighting gameplay was rather standard. The game definitely has some strengths, but I can’t recommend it as I feel it got ruined by fetish and innuendos. It was quite horribly alienating at times.

However one of it’s strengths was a lot of otherwise good writing and humor, so here is my visualization of my favorite scene from the game. Make sure to read right to left, you have been warned!

And now something else that’s a little older, Vocaloid this time. This picture is inspired by something that happened to some people at a con amongst Homestuck cosplayers, if you know what I’m talking about you can see the hint somewhere.

And now for something really old, just a little gag picture. Again, I had not played the game, so I assumed that blue one was a villain. I have since played a few hours of FFXIII, the graphics where droolindusing at first, lost interest around the point where the team splits up.

It’s been a long time since I made this one, but I remember most of these models where difficult to pose for several reasons, and even tho I tried at length to get the pose of the orange haired one to look alright I just couldn’t do it, still annoys me.

So hope someone enjoys these! :smiley:

Update, hopefully the pictures work for everyone now.

somehow none of the images are working for me

Why upload them to Pixiv, of all places? Try Dropbox.

pixiv doesn’t allow hotlinking dude

Odd, it looked alright when I looked at the thread after making it, but I got the same thing when returning now. I thought it would be funny to use pixiv going with the theme here hehe, oh well.

O ye, I forgot to mention, I love how expressive these models look in the comic, it’s something you don’t get with more realistic looking models, I see the appeal now of using the TF2 models.

Those are actually pretty good comics. I’m not really into the game or anime but I can recognize the craftsmanship in these comics. Well done!

Uh why the frame order reversed?

I’d personally recommend not using anime models unless you have decent maps for it and very very light control. They just kinda end up looking meh otherwise.