RuinNation | Rust++| Hardcore | Arena Events! (Prizes: Steam Games) |

** [US CEN] RuinNation | WAR STARTER KIT | PVP | Arena Prizes - Modded with RUST++**
Press F1 and paste this in to join us: net.connect

Hello, we’re a new Rust server looking for friendly, mature, and active players. The reason we started our own server was because the other servers we played on had either inactive or abusive admins. We wanted to make a server that had active admins who are friendly and will take the time to listen to the community when ever they have a question, concern, or complaint.

We currently have an** Arena in which we give away Steam games to the victors. **
The server is absolutely fresh so this is a great time to build up your base before other players join!

**We are a hardcore server meaning that we have full day/night cycles, PVP, sleepers, standard loot tables, and war starter kits. (/starter) **


-War Starter Kit: P250, MP5A4, etc. (/starter)

  • Door Sharing, private messaging, and view-able player count (/players).
  • No Admin Abuse - Admin tools are not allowed for personal reasons. Only allowed to help stuck players/ban hackers.
  • Hackers will be banned immediately
  • Standard crafting and loot tables
  • Sleepers enabled to prevent combat logging
  • Frequent events | Every Sunday we host arena pvp battles (winner gets a pick of a Steam game!) |
  • PVP Arena with Steam Games as prizes

PVP Arena Video:

If you have any suggestions/comments/questions or want to report hackers/admin abuse, please contact me at

**To sign up for the arena matches simply post your steam/ingame name below and state that you want to join the PVP Arena Match! **


Current Games Available for Arena Victors:
$15 towards Steam Game or
Arma II Complete Operations (DayZ Mod)
CounterStrike: GO
Batman: Arkham City
Mirror’s Edge
Surgeon Sim 2013
A Vally Without Wind 1 and 2
Morrowind Game of the Year Edition
Dungeon Defenders
Prototype 2
Super Meat Boy
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion
Endless Space GOLD
Torchlight 2

Depending on the rules for the particular official Arena match of that day, victors of the Arena will be able to choose from one of the options above.

Sign me up please. rust/steam name : Weado, same as forums

Awesome! We’ll see you tomorrow. Good luck!

Count me in! Lets see how far i can get in the ARENA! (Dun Duuun Duuuun) ):smiley:

Steam Name: Nolo9

Awesome! Good luck!

Also, if anyone wants to join our practice matches that we do for fun (no prizes), feel free to join us! We usually have them around 7pm-12am (US CENTRAL TIME). A video of the fun is linked above in the original post.

Oh man this sounds really awsome, Count me in man! Steam/Rust name is Darkpurple66

Good deal. As of now 3/15 slots are taken for the 1st Official Arena match. Don’t forget to sign up! Remember, if you emerge victor from the arena you can win any game on Steam $15 dollars or less, or choose any game we have on the game list above!

Sign up before all the slots are taken!

Just an update. Due to some people stating that they may not be online by 8PM we are changing the event to 10PM (US CENTRAL TIME).

I look forward to seeing everyone!

Another update. Only 3 people have signed up for the event tonight. **We’ll need at least five people in order to host the event. **

If you think you are good at pvp give the arena a shot. **It looks like there will only be a handful of people joining, so there is more of a chance for you to win! Remember to post your name below so we will know if you plan on participating. **

Contest starts in little over an hour! Don’t forget to sign up!

You can win $15 towards a Steam game or a game in the list above!

Server has been updated to a fully PVP server. War starter kits now give MP5A4, P250, 9mm Ammo, 10 Wood Barricades, and 500 Wood.

Don’t forget to sign up for our next Arena event set for 2/4/14 at 10PM (US CENTRAL TIME). Winner receives a choice between $15 towards a steam game or a game listed above. See you in game!

Next PVP Arena Event is in about 5 hours!

Don’t forget to sign up! We have room for about 5 more people.