Ruler melee weapon for a map

So, I am currently making a "school"themed JailBreak map for garry’s mod, and I want to have The guards having rulers. But the thing is, I have no clue how to do 3D modelling, nor do I have the money to do it. So I am requesting a 1’ ruler, wooden,that Is about as big as the crow bar used in the sandbox in garry

It’s not exactly wise to post your email here, considering how someone could end up spamming your inbox as a joke. As for not having the money to learn and/or obtain a 3D modeling program, you don’t need money; just sign up for a student copy of 3DS Max on Autodesk’s main site, and then look up some tutorials around the web.

posting email on a website that gets scanned by botnets

Hmmm… probably not the greatest idea, but I will see about the 3d modelling software.

model it shouldnt be hard you need to make a flat box and then attach the crowbar rig