RULES! Read before starting! (New Theme: Stealth)

This forum is for participants of the Garry’s Mod Gamemode Coding contest. If you wish to participate then check the countdown and read the rules.

General Idea:

The idea of this contest is to get the basic idea of your gamemode across. The final entry doesn’t need to be polished, just as long as the final download is playable (and mostly bug free). When the contest is in its closing stages, 3 judges will be chosen from the community. Their job will be to judge the entries and select a winner.

Entering the contest:

Create a thread in this forum to show off your work. Make sure that the first post is neatly layed out. You can provide a download link to your gamemode if you wish. You will need to describe the concept of your gamemode - any other media is optional but recommended. By then end of the contest you should have a download link up and working (if you don’t, how will we judge your gamemode?). Please only create a thread if you have the intention of completing your work!

Start Date:

7/23/09, 9:05 AM, GMT[-4]

End Date:

8/14/09, 6:30 PM, GMT[-4]

Countdown: Click on clock to see countdown.

Prizes: Please contact me if you wish to donate a prize.
[li]None yet

Prizes won so far:




Must be multiplayer

Contest Rules:

[li]Working in teams is allowed.
[/li][li]Gamemode must be your own (or your teams) work.
[/li][li]Any custom assets must be provided (get permission from the creators if necessary).
[/li][li]One thread per gamemode. Any threads not related to a gamemode will be deleted and result in a ban.
[/li][li]Starting before the contest start date is not allowed.
[/li][li]Stick to the theme of the contest.
[/li][li]Gamemode discussion should be done within their respective threads.
[/li][li]Gamemodes do not need to be perfect, just developed enough to show what its basic concept and purpose are.
[/li][li]To be judged, your entry must be available for download by the end of the contest. Late entries will not be guaranteed acceptance.

Any questions about the contest should be asked here.

does it have to scroll to the side? or can it be just 2D in some way?

It says “side scroller”, which implies that it scrolls from side-to-side. :wink:

Fortunately it’s unreleased (afaik) and from 2007.

Also there’s NoXious Mario Boxes 2D.

I love that game!

That’s stupid. You said you were going to have a second poll (2 times I think) but then the theme you want wins and no second poll? Yea that wasn’t unfair…

Ehh I’m just bummed survival didn’t win, I’ve seen enough side scroller games when I was littler. There will probably only be 1 original side scroll game, the other will do something already done like mario or such. I just wanna see how many actually try make a gamemode for this…

I said we might have a second poll, but the majority of members would have flipped out if I made them wait another 3 days.

It’s just andy’s side scroller.


By hats, do you mean something that looks like a hat? Or can we use buckets or something that can be placed on your head and are used in a similar way?

Be creative. Just don’t make it a normal side scroller with a hat in it. The gameplay has to be centered around something to do with hats.

Don’t worry, I’ve got a gameplay idea that involves the hats as an objective, but I need to know the specifics of the word hat.

Remember, the better your game looks, the more people want to play it. So if you could get a nice looking hat model, that would probably be a plus. Just look at what happened with Omnivora(no offense mahalis, personally I liked it)!
But make sure you have a functional game first.

Hats will be hard.

I thought hats were meant to be put on people’s heads. For instance, you put a traffic cone on a player’s head – instant traffic cone hat; but, put it anywhere else and it’s just… a traffic cone.

He is saying that the gamemode must have something to do with hats, it can not just be a normal side scroller - with added hats.

I think the twist fails.

Oh fuck sidescroller won, well, no good gamemodes coming up then.

I’m glad sidescroller won, although the twist is meh.

Survival is overdone.

WhooHo yea size-Scrolling wins yea now i will make my idea!!