RULES! Read before starting! (New Theme: Stealth)

I’ll throw in CoD:World at War on steam (or game with same price) for the 1st prize winner (as long as it aint a team of 7 other wise fuck off :P)

Dude, you’re contradicting yourself

What means that

No he’s not.

Somehow include hats in the gamemode, but not just putting them on the player.

Something like:

Capture the Hat
Hat Defense ( the other team tries to destroy your hat )


I really don’t think the hats thing is a good idea, though. Its more of a restriction than a twist, especially for anyone who thought of a few ideas for either theme and has to somehow work hats into it now.

In other words, you can still have everyone wear hats, but it has to have a purpose.

It was mahalis’ idea. I think if you guys had some imagination and creativity (and didn’t take everything so literal) that there could be some really awesome gamemodes. You need to twist the twist!

There are enough survival games. We have maybe one or two side scrollers out there. Be open to new ideas.

(Shit I forgot auto-merge is gone.)

Maybe we can change the twist. I don’t like it, but what mahalis says goes. He’s approving what I do so if he wants hats, let there be hats. If anyone has some better ideas, post them now and mahalis and I can talk about it and maybe change it.

Is this legit?

Seriously guys, if you can think of a better twist (a twist, not a theme) I’d like to hear it. It’s surprisingly hard to do.

Because i’m giving a prize does that mean i can’t join?

Of course you can join. We could just give you a different prize. I hope to get more prize donors. Anyone who has a prize to donate to this, please PM me.

I would rather we stick with this than restart on my idea completley.
That’s just me though.

Keep the idea on hats. Although it’s a broad item which we think can’t be used for much is great idea.

It can be used for a lot. You could be collecting hats, trading hats, shooting hats, putting stuff in hats, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Stick with hats, I already have a gamemode in the oven!

Im posting this to say I will not enter the contest. This is so that I can use and see iRzilla’s side scroller script. Its only for legal stuff, so… just don’t let me enter.

Oh, also while the contests are going on, we will be choosing judges. It will be mahalis, some number of chosen members, and I. Not sure how many yet. We don’t want to risk a tie so it will be either one other judge, or two others to keep a nice odd number. Although, last time it was four judges.

So would it be accpetable to use hats as a power up, along with normal gameplay?

Gameplay has to be about hats. If it was just a side thing it wouldn’t be a twist now would it?

Fuck, alright.

Minor problem but it’s all worked out now.