RULES! Read before starting!

This forum is for the Garry’s Mod Gamemode Coding contest. If you wish to participate then check the countdown and read the rules.

General Idea:

The point of the GCC (Gamemode Coding Contest) is to get the community to make fun gamemodes in exchange for prizes. Anyone can enter, as long as they make a gamemode. Final entries don’t need to be polished, just as long as the final download is playable (and mostly bug free). When the contest is in its closing stages, 3 judges will be chosen from the community. Their job will be to judge the entries and select a winner. This forum is for participants of the Garry’s Mod Gamemode Coding contest. If you wish to participate then check the countdown and read the rules.

Entering the contest:

Create a thread in this forum to show off your work. Make sure that the first post is neatly layed out. You can provide a download link to your gamemode if you wish. You will need to describe the concept of your gamemode - any other media is optional but recommended. By the end of the contest you should have a download link up and working (if you don’t, how will we judge your gamemode?). Please only create a thread if you have the intention of completing your work!

Start Date:

??/??/??, ??:?? XX, GMT[+/-?]

End Date:

??/??/??, ??:?? XX, GMT[+/-?]

Countdown: Click on the Lua icon to see a countdown.

Prizes: Please contact me if you wish to donate a prize.
Prizes won so far:
[li]JSharpe has generously donated £50 worth of steam games to the winner. Bless his soul.
For theme and twist, read the Current Theme/Twist thread.

Contest Rules:

[li]Working in teams is allowed.
[/li][li]Gamemode must be your own (or your teams) work.
[/li][li]Any custom assets must be provided with your entry (get permission from the creators if necessary).
[/li][li]One thread per gamemode. Any threads not related to a gamemode will be deleted and result in a ban.
[/li][li]Starting before the contest start date is not allowed.
[/li][li]Stick to the theme of the contest.
[/li][li]Gamemode discussion should be done within their respective threads.
[/li][li]Gamemodes do not need to be perfect, just developed enough to show what its basic concept and purpose are.
[/li][li]To be judged, your entry must be available for download by the end of the contest. Late entries will not be guaranteed acceptance.
Any questions about the contest rules should be asked here. Please do not discuss anything related to the current contest in this thread.

Good to know


Here, have an Usefull rating

Not much competition right now?

It started only a few hours ago.


Cock. Away for the next 3 weeks.

I’ll be choosing judges in the last week or so of the contest. That way, I can organize judge stuff.

Also, I have 2 servers to test these on when the time comes.


I hope to see more entrants. I also need prize donors.

I assume the judges will have TF2. Am I correct? I need TF2 content! :v:

I can’t promise that. :raise:

Well then, what’s your policy on adding a few models into your gamemode? :3 I only need the medic model and his gun, for obvious reasons. :3:

I don’t care if you rip the files.

Judges have been selected. They are: grea$emonkey, Jake_1305, and huntskikbut. I am waiting on a reply from thomasfn, but hopefully he will reply soon.

Exactly one week left!

Well, it’s over…

There’s still about 2 hours left.

Sorry for not being able to release our gamemode.

Go complain to my head teacher. His phone number is 020 86446307.

Well, time to download and rate. Woo hoo. Anyone got a server up yet?

I’m currently setting up the server. When I get it working, I’ll post the IP.


Ok, server is up:
It won’t be up for long (school) but you can atleast test them somewhat!