Rumble Roses XX Models


Are you using the rrxx max script that chroxx made??



Ooh awesome! I almost forgot about that game. I just remember Reiko and her alt from Metal Gear Online way back when. I’d definantly love to see these models in game. :smiley:

I like the Gi one of the girls wear but the amount of textures they use is annoying just like every fighting game.

I thought these were already ripped ages ago?

A few where ported way back in 2007 I think but as for someone release all the models no, no one ever did that. That I know of anyway

Yummy… :stuck_out_tongue:

I suppose these’d come in…handy…to uh… someone… :stuck_out_tongue:

please keep updating I look forword too this :slight_smile:

I will use these for sex poses.

Sorry its a big game and it takes a bit of time to do the characters one by one since they are all in pieces but ill make sure to finish, they are just kinda sitting on my dektop

You know I’d be kinda insulted if you didn’t.

How can I use this models in xnalara???

by googling how to convert it, this isnt a xenlara forum as you can see.

I approve because tits.

Bah, I almost thought someone actually decided to port the models. I’m still waiting on Galen Marek :frowning:

like I said a lot of stuff is happening and I cant get to it right away.

If said it once and ill say it again but no one seems to listen to me or you guys: You actually have other shit to do rather than being a mindless porting robot.
Now if we can make a mindless porting/ sexing robot…

I said someone, I didnt expect Plasmid to be doing it since last time somebody asked, he’d quit.

wait what? when did I quit?

Well, you stopped doing models, you went on to say something about how you’re not doing it any more. Unless I dreamt it all?