Rumor: Mega Users Should Backup their Files.

Hi so today I read that the file sharing service MEGA might be having some problems in regards to their service staying active. The article was updated with an official word from the company with a “Nothing to See Here” message.

I never post on this forum and mostly just lurk but I just wanted to pass on the warning. I think a few years back another sharing company went down (rapidshare?) and we lost loads of uploaded ripped models from old games. I would hate to see that happen again and loads of great work be lost.

Sourced article:

not much to discuss. the chairman said they’re still fine financially. mr liu is drama. he’s just a user too. :v: as long as the service is funded and in legit hands nothing’s gonna happen. if so… they might add more ads to finance it. or find other ways. regular business. i guess rapidshare just ran out of money too. shrugs