Rumoured patch today?

Hi guys!

I’ve heard from numerous people that there was supposed to be a patch today? Is there any official comment on this? I got word first from a streamer, a youtuber and some people on a server I frequent. Not to mention their trello ( It all shown lots of updates to be implemented. Including changes to blueprints, removal of zombies, locked backpacks and improved AI reaction to danger. As you can see from the Trello - there is a bunch of ‘cards overdue’. I won’t list them all. The changes are significant so I’m eager for this patch!

Just wondering if anyone has heard anything or if it was a load of baloney.

Thanks for your time.

Until official sources announce a patch, you should probably ignore rumors, because unless a dev has said something, it is all speculation by the peanut gallery. And that means if someone “heard” something, they should be able to link you to where it was said/posted.

The “overdue” bit is just self-imposed deadlines. If they miss them, nothing happens except that X person is slacking or unusually busy with something else (unless garry cuts their rations in half or something).

yeah unless they do an announcement of a upcoming patch on the forums , then its best to probably dismiss the rumors , also trello is just a estimated date for the devs , they can decide weather or not to push back planned content etc etc