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I dont know how to make it look better, My computer is very BAD.and i dont know how to use Photoshop very well.SORRY Guys.

Dont rate this ‘DUMB’ because the quality of the picture.

I hate myself.

I’m rating this ‘DUMB’, because I am finding this ‘DUMB’.

Or is that not good enough for you?

There is alot of wasted space in this pose, that’s the first thing I can see.

Secondly, you’re using non-TF2 stuff in a TF2 map, it’s not best to do that unless you can do it subtly. (e.g. A HL2 book prop on a TF2 table prop.)

The posing itself if bad. It’s incredibly obvious you’re using the default TF2 phys but you can be excused for that since most newcomers probably aren’t aware of Nexus’ enhanced TF2 phys. The posing is still bad anyways - all three RED mercs are floating and the Pyro’s foot is twisted in a way that it’s likely he’ll trip and fall down.

Also, Anti-Aliasing - use it.

I hope this criticism will help you out when you do another pose.

I rated dumb because the quality of the picture.

But if you don’t know how to make it better, or first, GOOD then why post?

You see, i’m not a photoshop guy either. But i make it up by not posting any 4-min shit.

I rated it dumb because you told me not to and you also said you hate yourself. What did you expect people to do?

That aside, the pose isn’t great. Like other people have said, it’s too empty. Need’s more detail.

Looks like something I would make if my hand was cut in two, I was drunk twice over the limit, had 50 cans of RedBull, 100 large latte’s, took a knife to my thigh… All that during a Parkingsons attack. … Rated Artistic.

This is an obvious troll, The image is called mahboi.png, a common staple from Youtube Poop/trolls.

Am I the only one who expected

Makes me think this guy must have had a pretty big set of brass balls to think posting an 800 x 600 px image would be taken seriously.

I suggest not releasing a picture unless you are sure it is good enough to be displayed amongst the other artwork of this subforum. Elsewise, you’re making a fool of yourself.