Run Faster On A Road

Makes sense right?

not that much i think the movement speed should depend on youre Shoes,

Why not have both!?

I think there’s some merit here.

A flat road without obstacles is much easier to run on than in desert sand or grassy fields. And this should be independent of footwear. This could have the advantage of people using roads to get to a destination in order to get there faster. While footwear should definitely be a factor as well, the terrain you’re running over should affect your speed more.

Wearing proper footwear (boots) vs being barefoot or wearing burlap shoes should make you run a bit faster. Although all those factors should be minimal, but noticeable.

i think rather than “increasing” speed on roads, there should be terrain that “slows” your movement, and base speed should be buffed a bit. roads should just be terrain that doesn’t slow you down.

pedantic i know, but ends up with the same results and feels more realistic to me.

The end result is the same, but yes, that would likely be a better way to look at it. Your can run at max speed X. Running on a road has no modifier, so 1x. Running on sand would give you like a 0.8x factor or something. Through grass a 0.9x or something. That would actually be the way to implement said system. But like you way, the same results.

but try run over the mountain, you slow down. i agree with little diferences between roads and grass, this could do some interesting stuffs. but it’s need a carefull word to not be wierd

I can see this coinciding with a fatigue/stamina bar. As terrain gets worse it costs more energy and slows you down.