"Run for it you plonkers!"


Unedited version:
It’s a bit big

Posing is spot on.

But why is he running with with an AK? He could take em

He’s Panicking and reloading.

the phrase plonkers comes from the comedy series “only fools and horses”. its pretty funny

That show is still the best comedy series ever

Nice posing. Just two things.

  1. Weird blurring in the back of the picture.
  2. Nekkid monsters have no dicks.

For point two. It would give them the more reason to run.

Do you want to see monster dicks?

It would certainly add some comical aspect to the scene. But I was really joking you know.

It is Rastifan we’re talking about- Irrelevant.

Good posing 'n all, have an arty.

It’s Rastifan.

Nice to be recognized:biggrin:

Ain’t they supposed to be failed super soldier experiments. Why would you (mad scientist) waste time and effort replicating super-dicks?

On Topic, Love the atmosphere and the lighting.

that soldier running away looks a bit weird

Because I would be a “mad” scientists perhaps? Which sane person would do that?

Good point, well made.

They have stitches down there.

Loads a money

I like it.

This time next year, Rodders, we’ll be millionaires!