"Run for your life lady" Punisher-like character holding a thug against a wall.

PredictableMead Thusic



The young woman walked down the street, all of a sudden she was grabbed, and so was the cop nearby, the Gang members prepared to rape the woman and then slowly brutally murder the officer, when a bottle rolled down the street, and two powerful car headlights turned on KCH-T! TCH-TRR! “YOU THREE, YOU BETTER LEAVE HER ALONE” “FUCK YOU MAN!” CRCK Went the first gang member’s spine as the darkly dressed man grabbed him “OW OW OW!” PTOP-TST! Went his belt as he was forced against the wall and was instantly snapped, and dropped dead there on the spot, the other had a fist pushed through his skull, the final hooded member was stabbed in the shoulder and pushed against the wall “You’re gonna die punk. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE LADY” Then the officer drew near, spent 4 seconds watching the two fighters stare, and he then walked down and out of the street to the sounds of a thug being murdered.

Now that looks like concept art for a Max Payne game…

I HAD To use faith. Alyx would be shit

I’m not happy with the edit though… :frown:

The perspective of the lightning is wrong.

Did you not read the red text? i can put it in braile for you if need be.

Ok, it’s for joazzz not for you deathbucket!.

Nobody cares about your childish accusations.

How “wrong”?

It’s a good pose, deathbucket.

Love the edit Joazzz.

Thug gon get RAEPD

It’s behind one building and infront of another.

Well I don’t, because:

-The lamp post’s light effect looks VERY messed up.

-The lightning failed.

-Too much contrast on the left.

-Rain drops aren’t good.

But thanks anyway :haw:


Added story

I made an edit of it too, pjodlypoop said it was okay.


Let meh see… For Deathbucket: The lady wouldn’t run away, they’d beat the shit out of him, arrest him, and ask her to stick around. Posing on the cop on the right looks strange. Faith is running strange, and you should really get a different model. Maybe I don’t know…Download one?

For Joazz, it appears the lightning is on the wall, the rim lighting seems out of place, but i really like the rain drops. The splashes look a little off, but that might be me.

Overall: It gets a C.


The editing is fairly terrible.

Your isolation is poor, if not entirely non-existent.
The dodging and burning makes no sense.
Splashes don’t look like that, and they should be influenced by lighting; all of yours are exactly the same brightness regardless of the light they are in.
Your lighting makes no sense.
The lightening is incredibly ugly.

Posing and camera angle are quite decent.

Hairy I love your edit… apart from the rim-lighting that makes no sense.

Hairy, I love how the filename is Deathbucketedit. The blood from the knife(?) looks nice. Rain is nice, but the rimlighting is meh.