Run for your Lives!

Rawr! :3:

Few hours went into this.

Original. :biggrin:

Things to note:
I suck with blood.
I suck with shading.
I suck with smoke.
I suck with mass running poses at once.
Some people don’t look like they are running. It’s because they are trying to balance themselves with the shockwave of the “footsteps.” E.G. guy is on ground, trying to get up and run.
You will see multiple people with the same faces. :dance:
Right foot - dripping blood with falling people (who have been stepped on of course.)
Right foot - kicking car. (with toe?)

Other than that, feel free to comment! :smile:

editings pretty nice
looks good

Awesome job, what model is that giant monster?

An upscaled deathclaw with a green skin.

Thanks for the comments. :smile:

awesome scale

I was going to do bigger (closer to Godzilla 1998’s size,) but he wouldn’t fit in the streets. :v:

still awesome

Clover field?

haha, said you suck at all the stuff yet you did a picture about all that and it turned out great a little too dark but i spose that’s the monster’s shadow which makes sense so nice

Agree on the running issues, but me likes nevertheless. Good editing. Arty for you sir.

Kinda but not really. :wink:

Thanks. :smile:

Still got the mojo I see?

EPIC well done! I like that you did something around the claws so it doesn’t look as though it gives the illusion of digging in.

Not bad. Some of the posing looks pretty bad, but there is nice detail in the poses (I especially like the guy who is shoving the other guy outta the way as he runs past).

great and interesting picture. always nice to see something else than those boring COD models shooting at offsceen enemies

by the way, what happened to the rating system?

It seems like some people can still use it, and some people can’t. It must be a bug. I see posts getting rated, but I can’t rate anyone myself.

I like how only the feet are shown.

And I see OPs getting rated, but not the other posts.

Maybe there have 10 ratings on the picture, but only two have come through… and only one rating on each of the posts, but none have come through.

Or maybe you’re right and now we can only rate the OP.

Reminds me of the American Godzilla movie.

I tried to go for that effect. :smile:

Thanks for the comments.