Run from Mr.Banman

One time, There was two men roleplaying on there roleplay server on Downtown. When a mysterious man was spotted in the distance with a crowbar looking at them. He vanishes and then they look around wondering where he went. They believe that it was the Legendary Myth “The Banman” A person that comes on to servers with his Powerful Crowbar. Once hit you will be VAC banned and gone from steam forever. If you leave, You will also be VAC Banned and gone from steam forever. They have to survive for as long as they can. Hiding and avoiding the Banman and his evil crowbar until the admins arrive and remove this. But it doesn’t all turn out well. The admins don’t make it. And the only option is to Fight & sacrifice for each other

A microphone and a mature attitude
Ep2 and Css

What we need
At least 2 Actors

Anyone ?

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Chesty if you haven’t anything good to do don’t vote dumb, dumb.

If the guy who gave a rating isn’t a total newbie, it’s usually for a reason.

Off topic :frog:

you waited like 3 minutes and then posted “anyone?”. can you get more impatient?

and crying over ratings? seriously? please find something more important to fill your life with

You get a life. We’re only trying to get some actors. And stop doing off topic posts guys or :frog:


hes proving a point there… he rated it dumb for a reason…

and then you immaturely tell him to get out

I like you’re enjoying this.

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It’s a freaking thread for recruiting actors, not for flaming, you’re only spamming oxygen’s thread

I don’t mean to sound like an idiot, But this is my first thread. I just want some actors for the movie i want to make thats all. I don’t want people to argue on my thread :S

funny thing is, you made it go offtopic

‘Chesty if you haven’t anything good to do don’t vote dumb, dumb.’

that isnt in anyway related to what your/oxygen’s thread is about



yeah sorry your friend is a bit immature… i’d show some content first though before recruiting.

text text text waste time text u blow text

It’s not my thread, that’s why you are spamming this and this is why :frog:

hey keep posting :frog: and eventually someone will think you fit in here

This thread became bullshit.

Ah okay. I’ll try take some screenshots

because you derailed it, now please for the sake of our sanity and lives, stop

or somebody gonna get into a little bit of trouble…

above poster, back on topic;

alright that should get you started if it satisfies people that this project would be succesful

Can you call mods and delete this spam, for the safety of oxygen’s project ?

Chesty stop voting funny seriously guy :v:

angry don’t feed the troll. To all who vote dumb: f–k off flame stopped 1 hour ago :late:

Alright thanks for the help.

This look’s like a fun idea you know what if you need my help i’m in