Run From Your Demons

Mostly in-game.

Nice man.

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I like how smooth it is.

It reminds me a lot of your vortigaunts picture but it’s still bloody awesome none the less!

This really really owns

title makes this image even better :love:

You’re ingame edits make me say “Nice.”

So smooth tone of lighting.
This remind me atmosphere of Silent Hill.


that is really fucking awesome for being mostly ingame…im jelly of your mad skills

Thanks, guys. Any more comments on this one?

its perty :haw:

Nice work on this one Zera. Like what Dinny said earlier - has a silent hillish atmosphere about it. Which is awesome!
Is this a scenebuild?

Scenebuild in gm_constructs dark room.

I call bullshit, if this was mostly ingame I’ll slam my dick in a door.

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hope you didn’t plan on kids,