"Run, god dammit!" - Soldier and mech retreating

Posing by Hairybastard


Couldn’t find the original, maybe Hairy will post it…

I like the glow from all the lights :dance:, nice edit.

Shading on the creatures and on the mech looks awesome and detailed.
Posing and angle looks nice too.

An artistic for both of you.

if this is garrysmod where did you get the lost planet models?


Excellent edit, I really love those glowing lights dude.
Artsy’d ;D


The contrast is a little heavy for my taste, although that might be because I’m using a HDTV rather than a monitor. Other than that, this is really awesome. I love the glow.

I really like the orange glowing, gives everything a nice extra touch

Great posing Hairy, Awesome editing Fgh’.

What game is that from?

I like the glowing effects.

It’s from Lost Planet: Extreme Condition.

Thanks for the comments, guys.

i quite like it

How the heck do you do that kind of glow?

Photoshop! :v:

Draw the orange with a feathered brush and change the opacity.

Those aliens aren’t even tough. That soldier’s rifle would be enough to kill them all.

It still looks badass!