Run, it's gonna blow!

Tried to make a photorealistic image and apparently i failed.
Edit: OK I know this is far from photorealistic. Please just enjoy this image if you do. Comment if you think it’s bad tho, its always good to know how to improv.


There is nothing realistic about chromatic aberration, nor will there be in the future.

I guess so.
That’s why I failed basically.
Now i’m gonna cry in a corner.

its another one of those GFX that are obnoxious, just like lens flare

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at least the original is good!

That doesn’t even look like chromatic aberration that looks like a 3d effect :v:

I think chromatic aberration looks really nice when it’s very subtle and unobtrusive

drop the defeatist attitude or you’ll never improve

my main gripe with the pic is the fish-eyed camera angle. there’s too much empty stuff on the sides

good use of particles tho

The posing of the CSGO soldiers is utterly terrible, why does the nearest soldier look like he’s just dislocated his neck then simultaneously his shoulder. Although that brings it down mostly, I did feel satisfied by the effects used.

Well I did not intend to be like that. Sorry.
Well my computer gets supper laggy while posing these stuff so that it sorta kills the mood of adding stuff for me. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also IDK why it looks like I used fish eye, probably because of how the weapon is placed.

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Well ok I will try posing harder next time. thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it all except for the posing of the two closer guys; the one you can see completely looks retarded, and the other one’s leg looks stiff. Good job though.

well, that sure do suck a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:
(Off-Topic)But for the retard part tho, I’m pretty sure that everyone will go full retard when explosions are happening behind you.

I hope that the last FBI guy in the back isn’t you… You should also try adding lamps and removing the original shadows

Chromatic aberration is actually 100% realistic, but only in miniscule amounts. The thing is, in real life, unless the camera you’re taking your photo with costs $50,000, there’s going to be slight chromatic aberration around the edges of objects when viewed at 100% detail. That isn’t to say this type of simple RGB split is the right way to do it, but it is something that ultimate realism strives for. Along with that there always needs to be an ever-so-slight blur around the edges (again to simulate a photograph) and a light sprinkle of grain. If you don’t buy it, look up ‘The Third and The Seventh’, which is basically one of the most photorealistic 3D animations ever made. It uses the techniques I’ve mentioned above (again very subtly) to help achieve its convincing look.

I agree with his comment about the attitude 100%. You’ll never be good at anything if you give up the first time you meet failure. Use it as a learning experience to better yourself.

On the fish eye, partially disagree. The thing is, if you’re trying to go for a realistic first person view, in which you can see as much as you can see in real life, you actually do need to have quite the fish eye to replicate how much of your arms, etc the eye can see, especially since you’re compensating for having two eyes, and a ‘frame’ that goes to the very edge of your vision instead of a rectangular computer monitor. I wouldn’t say what you have looks GREAT but I don’t blame you for trying it.

While a bit harsh, I agree that the running soldier is not convincing and could use work.

That might be true, but in a pose you’re trying to make something that’s the best part of ‘realistic’ while also ‘good to look at’ and if you’re trying for a serious pose you’ll have to sacrifice some realism to make everyone look ‘cool’ so your image is appealing to the eye of the viewer.

That said, don’t be discouraged, I like your positive attitude, just keep working hard, look at good examples to help your learn what you should and shouldn’t do, and never stop practicing and learning.

I wasn’t trying to sound harsh, just wanted to encourage him to actually put effort in EVERYTHING. But ah well.

I think for me, it’s not ‘utterly terrible’. It’s bad, but there’s so much worse out there. Our society (western, modern, whatever) is so bad about saying everything in hyperbole to sound more interesting and exciting that we’re watering down the meaning of our own language by saying every single fucking thing is either ‘amazing’ or ‘unbelievable’ or ‘a complete pile of shit’ so that when something is ACTUALLY one of those things, it’s difficult to convey.

Not that it’s your fault as an individual or that you’re a bad person or anything, but just think about how much you actually mean exactly what words you’re putting down. Y’know.

at least there’s this thing called ‘constructive criticism’

note its usage here on the fox engine

chromatic aberration is very good for adding depth to an image but it’s all about moderation and what you think feels appropriate

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the contrast levels were edited in that pic but you get what i mean. it usually doesn’t hurt but it’s not essential to add it if you don’t feel it fits

Doesn’t need to be realistic to look good, not saying that the one in the OP is a good example though.