Run Like Hell (Again w/ first idea)

Hey, as I explained in the first thread (which turned out to be pretty bad), I wanted to make the first idea I had (the previous thread, was the second idea, which I got distracted by). A lot of you didn’t think the music fitted for the previous pic, and honestly, did neither. I hope this is an improvement compared to the previous pic.


C&C appreciated!

TIP: Right click and choose “View Image” in a new tab. Most of you know this, but you’ll get most out of the pic that way

The posing and angling just looks really terrible tbh.

I respect your opinion, but I honestly don’t think it’s decidedly terrible. I know it’s not perfect, but I think it’s average

You may not think it’s terrible, but when everyone in the room tells you it’s terrible, that’s got to tell you something.

Shees, I can’t win…

zombie’s floating
front angle is a no almost all the time
he looks like he’s dancing
shooting guy has no recoil

again, this just seems like you’re flashing your $$coolmusic$$ because it 100% doesn’t fit the song in any way shape or form

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the song is (narratively) a neo-fascist group assaulting the population, thinly disguised as a disco-y rock and roll show number, it really doesn’t fit with “omg zombies run for your life”. the song never fit with your first pose, and it fits even less with this, if it was nazis smashing in windows and kicking in doors it’d make sense, but this is just downright poorly posed and insulting to the song’s original subject matter.

New guys always get torn apart in their first few threads. It’s nothing new.

<completely ignoring music>

The pic’s kinda bland. We’ve seen the ‘ohshitzombies’ motif in every other post. Take some time, come up with a truly original idea and roll with it.

well at the very least, you’ve got the basic set-up for some decent lighting. everything said here is still far too valid for me to call this “good”, but if you just had the lamps contrast a bit more it’d be a lot better.

of course, you should get the camera angles down first, then you can work on your posing, then the lighting, then the editing.

True, but as a matter of fact, I’m not that new, I’ve made pretty decent and successful picture before. Guess I’m just “out of tune”.

As for Drsalvador - Please stop accusing me for “flashing my &&coolmusic&&”, that’s the the least I’d do, 'cause It’s simply stupid. However, I understand your point, about the picture not fitting to the actual song lyric/meaning. I focused on generating a “fleeing atmosphere”, to achieve the proper mood in the picture. I did not intend to pose anything relating to the actual meaning of the song (just to let you know).

Thanks for the tips of correction and improvement, I’ll sure keep it in mind for my next pose.

run like hell is the last song i’d use for a “fleeing atmosphere”, its a oom-pah disco number with no real speed to it, the “run” part is all in the lyrics.

Again, that’s your opinion. You’re right about the song, though, but that’s simply what I felt would be fitting. Rating dumb is sure gonna help… I know “run” part is in the lyrics yeah, I was was talking about not focusing on the meaning behind the song. Big deal anyways, you disagree, I get your point, could we end it? This is just getting unnecessary.

EDIT: And let the dumb rating commence! Mature move, sir :v