Run Like Hell - Random rebel running away from a Random explosion

/\ BEWARE - 1440 * 900 picture - might take a while to load /\

It’s been a long time since the last time I posed something in Garry’s mod. Hope you like it.

I know the text’s perspective is wrong, it’s mainly because I made the perspective THEN resized the text, and I wasn’t working at normal size during editing so I haven’t noticed the problem. This might be corrected in a close future anyway.


And before anyone ask, map is gm_metro2033

Imageshack + PNG = Huge Ass loading time

Here we go, changed the hosting site.

Pretty nice, but the scene is empty is the explosion effect is fugly, don’t even try to use it again.

Would’ve have looked nicer if you used Super DOF.

Why are so many imageshack and PNG’s popping up lately?

On the picture: Don’t use those effect explosions and loose the random smoke.