Run Like Hell

Meanwhile in Iowa - they thought the whole zombie-face-eater was nothing.

Please don’t forget to compare with the original!

Should I get rid of the grain? I wasn’t sure whether I should keep it or not.

Updated with no grain, it looked odd.

I like how the guy in the back continues to weld like nothings happening.

I don’t assume he’d notice anything in the beginning, when he’s wearing that helmet and focusing on welding. Just saying.

doesn’t honestly fit the song

I think this is one of those poses where you only did the pose because the song is “awesome” n’ stuff. To show us you know supercool music and shit. Because the song just doesn’t fit.

Well, this seems to be an unsuccessful one… But first off, no, I’m not “showing off” my “supercool music”, It’s just that song that came to my head, when I first had the idea. I came up with this idea sometime after, but I wasn’t sure it would fit the song as the other one would. Bu to be honest, I’m not fully satisfied with this one, it seemed as a good idea before I actually made it. I might instead go make the first idea I had (with same song, just to be warned).

I didn’t actually mean that in an instulting way. :v:

Wait a minute aren’t two of those rebels npc’s in ep2?