Run Like Hell

Terrible letterbox version:

Terrible SOFTGLOW version:

The posing seems good (Barring the Last Breath Pyro’s right shoulder) but that’s some terrible JPEG compression.

Yeah i forgot to set it to 140 as i should have. I’ll re-take it when i’m back later.

I should write a concept album about obsession…

Doesn’t JPEG Quality stop getting better at 100?

I recall reading about that some time ago.

The title is a Pink Floyd reference. The screenshot is not. Someone pointed out to me it resembled that scene. I based this on the multiple pyro team-ups me and my friends have in Dustbowl.

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I heard that it’s best to set it to 140 just in case

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I ain’t afraid to say i’m an idiot for not setting it to 140, But can you point out WHERE the Jpeg compression/quality loss is?

Your obsession is leaking into your subconscious, which in turn, influences what you create. :laugh:

You are improving.

That tittle remind me of this.

Yes that was intentional. A friend of mine said that the scene was reminiscent of the Run Like Hell sequence in The Wall, although i didn’t see it at the time.

It’s most obvious around the pyros on a closer inspection.

Awesome. shame about the horrible jpeg compression though.

Some very promising and organic posing. Work on your editing, your lighting and the mere post-processing and you’ll make really great poses I’m sure!

Thanks. I’ve been studying the animations of the TF2 characters and done some minor anatomical study lately, So i’ve improved in terms of human posing.