"Run or shoot? boss?" "....Ehh ...Run?" - Rebels find a Combine War golem.

I promised something a bit more thread worthy and here is my attempt!

This took me a several weeks as every time I was about to finish Garrysmod decided to crash on me, so i took a week to chill, open Gmod again so it would crash once more(repeat 3x). And for some reason the saves(except the main one, where i had the Golem already posed) got corrupted after the crashes.

Comment people! :slight_smile:

Holy ace.
This is pretty good the lighting is good.
The only thing is I wish it was a little more volumetric.

jpeg_quality 80

Run…or shoot…or…Run?..or hug?..or…
This thing looks so cartonish and pretty that I would never shoot it. It’s here just for hugs

The JPEG needs to be turned up, but otherwise, it’s alright.

I’d just shoot the mine that is at his core.

Its actually 90 :v: but thanks for saying.

Thanks dude and what you mean with Volumetric?

The boss is a bit of a pussy as u can see, I would have at least said “Run and shoot!”.

great minds think alike santz, i made something for the combine with that monster as well before :v:

The lighting makes it look like the set of a 90’s porno.

neat, but it doesn’t really fit with the combine theme

I know, i just made it up in flatgrass once and thought it looked too nice to just leave it there :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the comments folks :slight_smile:

Show me!!

Another great picture ruined by jpeg compression.