Run/walk without weapons?

Hello! I would like to ask you a question, if I can!

How would I remove my weapons in order to have a running animation? I know machinima hands could help, but it’s broke.

Help is much appreciated. Sorry if this is a stupid question.

any strip weapons command?

I wondered that, but it would help if you could give me a command. Unless you’re asking a question…

You can use Perfected Climb Swep

Thanks, but I just noticed yesterday someone added a walk swep to Toybox!

In WAC there is a swep called “Hands” that is quite good…

I have my own way, I can’t explain this, because the addon with what I did it, isn’t in anymore.

Another way is Download Anti-Noclip tool, Put its settings to Strip Weapons and put it on a prop. Then noclip onto the prop and you are done :stuck_out_tongue:

give weapon_bugbait

Equip the weapon and you have your hands beside you.